Is online shopping safe in India during the Corona?

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Is online shopping safe in India during the Corona? It is the first question that can come into people’s mind. As Covid-19 caused several deaths across the world, the whole world is focusing now on the terrible pandemic. Everyone is trying to protect themselves from this harmful disease, and scientists have been working how they can get a solution to it.

That’s why the government has declared lockdown in the entire country so that they can control the spread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, they have announced to close all the shops in terms of restricting the gathering of people. But to run our daily life, we need food and other ordinary things. For this, we can go for online shopping. But before making an online purchase, as an Indian, you may think that is online shopping safe in India during the Corona.

To keep yourself safe from Coronavirus, you must know the answer to the question. Nowadays, it is becoming harder for shoppers as they are raising questions about the safety of receiving their online orders. The experts in Coronavirus say that this harmful virus can stay alive on the surfaces for three hours. These can even live up to three days on surfaces. But it depends on the material.

Here, we are alluding some information regarding Coronavirus. Here you can come to know what experts think and say regarding the topic “is online shopping safe in India during the Corona.” Let’s know what they have said about Covid-19 and recommend us about this question of most of the people.

Experts said that the Coronavirus can live on the purchased items when you’re doing online shopping. As the delivery speed is too slow, therefore there is always a risk of occurring Covid-19.

Apart from this, when people transport the items on the ships, that condition is very tough as the packages can carry Coronavirus easily. But according to the CDC, there is a possible chance of spreading Coronavirus from products or packaging that people ship over days or weeks at ambient temperatures.

They also stated that those packages should not come in touch with any people for at least several days. People should not come into contact with any sources of contamination after packaging.

The World Health Organization addresses the fact as well. They say that it will be safe for people when they receive packages from locations with reported COVID-19 cases.

Impact of Coronavirus in online shopping in India

The retail part of the Indian market has two divisions between the unorganized sector. It adds approx 13.8 million conventional family-run neighbourhood stores and the organized retail industry with a share of less than 10%. These stores contain all kind of mortar stores and online shopping sites.

Though there is a boom in the B2C e-commerce sector in India, most Indians prefer to keep more faith in the neighbourhood brick & mortar stores for shopping as they love touching and feeling the products and negotiating discounts over-the-counter, before buying.

In our country, a significant part of B2C e-commerce retailers usually draw clients and attract them through their exclusive discounts and free delivery. They offer buy-one-get-one-free and exchange offers.

But one part of Indian shoppers are cost-conscious and conservative because of their value system. As they have quality products, they don’t need to deliver Offers, promotions, and advertisements.
But a few times the online shoppers get into many issues concerning product delivery timelines and customer support services.

As plenty of people got infected across the world, most people prefer not to go outside. This harmful virus spreads primarily through contact with an infected person. Especially when one affected person cough or sneeze or while a person touches a surface that has the virus on it. That’s why what is the best way to save ourselves is to stay at home.

As a result, the percentage of online shopping has increased. It arises in the number of FTUs or (first-time e-commerce users) in India. Besides, the SARS outbreak, which infected more than 2700 people in 2002 has a significant effect also. It has dramatically changed people’s shopping habits as people were afraid of doing shopping outdoors.

Apart from these, people have to go for online marketing because the lockdown gives a substantial effect on them. For this terrible pandemic, we can see the lack of food in the market. When the government announced lockdown for a long time to keep people safe from the harmful disease, people have started to preserve extra foods for their homes.

Besides, the companies which do online shopping, don’t service foods and other things in many locations. They stopped servicing on those areas where Covid-19 has poorly spread. These online marketing shops don’t want to take a risk by delivering the products in those places. So, they started to maintain social distancing and self-quarantine efforts to keep people safe as safety gets more priority in those days.

Whereas a few online shopping sites are trying to fulfil the requirements of people. They deliver necessary items like health care, personal safety, household staples, hygiene, packaged food, and other priority products. They are not taking orders for lower-priority products temporarily. These sites are raising overtime pay for associates working in their warehouses during the coronavirus outbreak.

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